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The Joker is back with a vengeance, and Gotham's newest Dark Knight needs answers as he stands alone to face Gotham's most infamous Clown Prince of Crime.
In latter-21st-century Gotham City, The Jokerz, a street gang enamored of the city's infamous Clown Prince Of Crime, is breaking into a high-tech engineering plant to steal a powerful generator, a crime stopped by the new Batman (Terry McGuiness) and which puzzles Terry and his mentor, the elderly original Batman Bruce Wayne. The reason for this and other "geek junk" thefts is a mystery even to The Jokerz gang, who are now working for someone claiming to be the original Joker himself. When he makes an appearence at a charity function attended by Bruce Wayne (cover to steal another generator), the Joker taunts Wayne, and later sends his minions to attack Terry McGuiness while he attacks the Batcave. But the original Joker died forty years earlier, and why does this new Joker want high-tech items? When a shaken Barbara Gordon explains the fate of the original Joker, Terry begins to piece the twin mysteries together, culimating in a confrontation with the Joker that literally threatens the very existence of Gotham City.
I love Batman, and while I enjoyed Batman Beyond the series very much, I think I like this film more. It is excellent, and I loved how dark and sophisticated it was. The animation is really good, smooth dark backgrounds and swift movement, it is an animation style that is true to that to the show and even improves on it. The music is also outstanding, with memorable themes that linger long into the memory. The storyline here is darker and edgier, with The Joker, my personal favourite Batman villain, alive and as treacherous as ever. He still performs those slapstick pranks yet his motives here are even more darker and deadly as before. The script is surprisingly mature, has some funny moments but some sophisticated and serious ones too. And the voice acting is great, Will Friedle isn't quite as good as the new Batman aka Terry McKinnis, but Kevin Conroy is excellent as Bruce Wayne, now retired. But it is Mark Hamill who steals the show in a simply brilliant vocal performance as the Joker. Overall, excellent film, dark and sophisticated as I like it. 9/10 Bethany Cox
It's not surprising that this film exceeds the expectations. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm know the bat. With the exception of what happened to Barbara Gordon in the comics, they are the only ones who have shown that Batman can be done outside of the comics. Batman Beyond was a curiosity at first, who can do it besides Bruce Wayne? The Dark Knight Returns series by Frank Miller was the most believable way into the future…. until Terry McGinnis. The only disappointing part of the movie was the absence of Max, the only other one who knows who Batman is outside of the Family. The only thing we need is more of these movies.

&quot;Batman Beyond&quot; takes place about 40 years after the &quot;New Batman Adventures&quot; series. At the time of the show&#39;s release a precise date was given as 2039. Meaning Bruce Wayne quit being Batman in 2019 (as seen in &#39;&#39;Rebirth&#39;&#39;). This also means the episode, &#39;&#39;Epilogue&#39;&#39; takes place in the year 2056. Terry McGinnis himself has a given birth-date of 2023.<br/><br/> Due to a political uproar against violence in animated movies at that time Warner Bros. canceled the release and edited the movie to a version that was then released worldwide. In the beginning of 2001 the original and uncensored version was released in the USA, on top of that in Anamorphic Widescreen while earlier releases had been only presented in Fullscreen.
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