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Actor and fight director Peter Woodward explores various forms of competition throughout the ages, reenacting historic fights with the help of a stunt team. Episodes have focused on topics ranging from gladiator matches to 17th-century dueling to modern air combat.
Peter Woodward's brilliance shines through in EVERY ep of CONQUEST. He brings a special and UNIQUE insight to the history of armed combat. I am a High School History teacher and can testify to the overwhelming popularity of Conquest with my Honors/Gifted classes. This student population is Hyper-Critical about any form of entertainment, and in the area of history they do not suffer fools too gladly. Verily I say unto you that they think….yea KNOW that Conquest "ROCKS"!!!
I've caught most every ep, and enjoyed them. I especily liked the ep's on matchlock, flintlock and percussion weapons ( all in one ep). And the show on Civil War rifles. I have a reproduction "Zouave" carbine in .58 caliber, and can attest to this bullers power. When you hold one of those minie balls in your hand you can easily imagine the devastation it can bring. Sorry got off topic. Conquest is a fun show with people getting to do what I'd like to do…

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