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Zack Connors and Rachel Meadows were born with incredible psychokinetic capabilities. When word of their supernatural talents gets out, they find themselves the prisoners of Michael Slovak, a deranged doctor intent on harvesting their powers. After a daring escape, they are free from his sinister institution, but the corrupt doctor will stop at nothing to track them down so that he may continue to siphon their gifts for his own use.
Here&#39;s a first for yours truly: a review of a yet-to-be-released film that&#39;s currently making the festival circuit. The &#39;secret movie&#39; and highlight of Brooklyn&#39;s Nitehawk Cinema&#39;s Halloween &#39;Nite to Dismember&#39;celebration turned out to be director Joe Bego&#39;s follow-up to &quot;Almost Human,&quot; the very 80&#39;s (particularly Steve Moore&#39;s wall-to- wall electronic soundtrack) &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye.&quot; What &quot;Turbo Kid&quot; is to 80&#39;s post-apocalyptic movies &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye&quot; is to David Cronenberg&#39;s &quot;Scanners&quot;: a contemporary homage that looks/sounds like the genuine article, right down to the ugly-looking logo of the institute at the center of the intrigue. Per Begos&#39; representative at the screening, the director&#39;s aim was to make the sequel/follow-up to &quot;Scanners&quot; that he feels the actual &quot;Scanners&quot; sequels didn&#39;t live up to. It takes an awful lot of trouble for &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye&#39;s&quot; psychokinetic characters to flex their mental muscles. A simple ax or gun seems to do the trick better for most of the film. Even though it mercilessly teases early on that big exploding heads and psychokinetic duels are coming, it&#39;s not until the final act that &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye&quot; truly goes berserk in a good way. You know, like &quot;Rabid&quot; and &quot;The Brood&quot; and, yes, &quot;Scanners.&quot;<br/><br/>Personally I feel &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye&quot; has some shortcomings in the casting of its leads. Either that or Begos deliberately went with actors that feel miscast (Graham Skipper) or way over the top (John Speredakos) to match similar bad casting in Cronenberg&#39;s late 70&#39;s/early 80&#39;s films. That would be an even more meta tribute to the Canadian master of body horror than the &quot;Videodrome&quot;-like opening titles/fonts that start the movie. At least the supporting cast is populated with low-budget horror luminaries, from Larry Fessenden (&quot;I Sell the Dead&quot;) and Jeremy Gardner (&quot;The Battery&quot;) to Noah Segan (&quot;Starry Eyes&quot;) and Lauren Ashley Carter (&quot;The Woman&quot;). For a 2015 low-budget film that sets its story in the early 90&#39;s (which makes it feel closer to Cronenberg&#39;s prime decades) the action is decent and the deaths/gore off-the-charts groovy, something &quot;Scanners 2 &amp; 3&quot; definitely skimped on. For fans of body horror missing the old Cronenberg now that the genuine article is doing mostly psychologically-heavy stuff (not that I&#39;m complaining), &quot;The Mind&#39;s Eye&quot; will make for a pleasant and entertaining evening&#39;s entertainment. Me and the Nitehawk Halloween crowd really dug it.
i can only agree with previous comments to the effect that this is a terrible film. it sure is, it&#39;s a total irredeemable stinker. i hate to say it , i suspect this was made in trying circumstances, on a minuscule budget but i cannot deny that this was a total waste of time. ( Sean Carruther&#39;s Primer will show you what can be done with less than a thousand dollars. the music was a fair pastiche of late 70&#39;s Howard Shore but the film it tries to ape more than any other is of course Scanners. I can imagine the makers discussing how they can blow up somebody&#39;s head and then building the rest of the film around it. yes it is a film of 1 or two lackluster set-pieces displaying the wonderfully clever mechanical effects they constructed, the rest is beyond un-engaging and utterly risible. the lead is to ineffectual and the villain of the piece is hilariously over the top bad, not affectionately bad, absolutely execrable bad. by the time they face off i was ready to sleep. the end of scanners works because of the protagonists, you can totally believe that Michael Ironside will &quot; suck your brains dry&quot; bad line but, as i say, it&#39;s michael ironside) the two characters at the end of this just look as if they are constipated - it&#39;s one of the most unintentionally funny moments i have ever seen in a movie. And there is a sex scene which seems so ill-judged that it makes the love scene in &quot;Watchmen&quot; seem like something out of DH Lawrence Yes, it is an homage to 70&#39;s Cronenberg, but it is a very bad one. giving this 4 is generous and allowing that this is a feature debut ( and the soundtrack was the best thing about it). Definitely one of the worst sci-fi films i have ever seen. and i am all about the sci-fi : )
The shtick sticks in The Mind's Eye, which lovingly apes period details, this time with psychokinetic warriors instead of alien invaders. But where the first film was dour, this one works so hard at its ultra-grave air of menace that it eventually turns (intentionally, one hopes) comic, building to third-act violence that will leave the right kind of audience howling with delight.

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